Stewart McRoberts


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2nd Degree Black Belt
Fully Qualified TAGB Instructor
Fully Qualified Umpire
Qualified First Aider


Taekwondo Training History
I started training in Taekwondo in 1996 at the TAGB Kilmarnock under Tom Clark.  This was just after I met my wife-to-be who was already training in Taekwondo and as I always wanted to try a martial art I thought I would give it a go.

I trained with the TAGB for a few years and then left and joined the UKTC where I trained with Jim Nelson.   However, as luck would have it, I knew Scott McMillan from training at the TAGB and Scott was also training with Jim.  When Scott opened Phoenix Taekwondo as part of the TAGB, I continued training with the UKTC for a short while; however, in 2002 I left the UKTC and transferred back to the TAGB and joined Phoenix Taekwondo. Under Scott’s guidance, I was one of the first students to grade for Black Belt with Phoenix Taekwondo.

 In 2004, I became an assistant instructor and had the pleasure of being part of several demonstrations for Phoenix Taekwondo.

In 2012, I achieved my 2nd Degree Black belt and became a fully qualified instructor.  2013 will bring new challenges as I take on a new Kilmarnock Class as part of Phoenix Taekwondo.

UKTC Scottish Championships 2000          – Sparring Silver Medal
UKTC Scottish Championships 2001          – Sparring Bronze Medal
UKTC Scottish Championships 2002          – Sparring Silver Medal
UKTC Scottish Championships 2002          – Patterns Bronze Medal
TAGB Welsh Championships 2003             – Sparring Gold Medal
TAGB British Championships 2003             – Sparring Silver Medal
Phoenix Taekwondo Fighter of the year 2003

To pass on the knowledge I have gained within Taekwondo over the years and to help students to achieve the goals that they set whether it is their next grade or the gold medal.

Positive Focused Desire