Kuli Chahal

Kuli Chahal - Instructor

mr chahal
Date of Birth 3rd August 1972
Studied From 1994
Current Grade 4th Degree Black Belt
School Prestwick / Ayr
Qualifications TAGB Qualified Instructor, Referee, Umpire and First Aider
I started training in taekwondo in February 1994. My cousin who was already training in tkd convinced me to go and see a demonstration at Master Donnelly's club in Wolverhampton and the rest as they say is history. I started the very next lesson in a class of about 25 beginners and haven't looked back since. I achieved my blackbelt in April 2000, I moved up to Scotland through work in September 2000 and trained at Cumbernauld on and off i have been training with Mr Mcmillan since he opened his club in Kilmarnock in 2002.i achieved my 2nd Dan in April 2004 and then my 3rd dan in April 2007. I have competed at three world championships (Miami 2002,cardiff 2005 and Birmingham 2007)as well as nationally and had the pleasure of being in the Scotland national team from 2005 -2007. I opened my club in Prestwick 2005. my future goals are to help promote taekwondo in scotland as well as keeping on training